Introducing the warehouse

In any organization or company, the warehouse is one of the most important parts, which includes a large part of the assets of the organization or company. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the inventory in a suitable place, so that it can be easily accessed when needed. The type and amount of materials in the warehouse and the minimum and maximum inventory of each product the materials must be constantly checked by the warehouseman. Warehousing is a difficult and costly process and organizations are trying to reduce the cost, increase the efficiency and profit of the company. After production, the company’s products enter the warehouse unit of unassembled products and are coded and stored based on the existing indicators in the company, then based on market needs and also announcing the sales unit to ((warehouse of products ready to be delivered to the company)) And in case of lack of inventory of each product, the products will be delivered from the unassembled warehouse to the assembly unit, and after assembly and packaging, which is done in both bag and carton, it will be labeled by the quality control expert and sent to the warehouse. They are ready to be delivered to the company) and at the same time the inventory of the systems is updated. Therefore, the warehousing process requires concentration and high accuracy, and the relevant personnel must have a very high accuracy of action, also to avoid possible errors periodically. Inventories are checked based on a checklist.