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Polymehr Etesal Sepahan Company with more than two decades of successful experience in production with the aim of producing quality products in the field of modern agricultural irrigation and job creation for the youth of this country, as well as consulting in the implementation of projects water supply and irrigation underpressure has started to produce all kinds of high pressure polyethylene fittings and during the time has added newer products to the company’s product portfolio according to the needs of our dear customers. The management and staff of this company , by providing extensive services to buyers and trying to achieve increasing success, as well as providing high quality in their products, have always tried to make the name of PolyMehr Etesal Sepahan for all specialists and experts with the concept “desirable quality” Synonymous tried to satisfy all those who care about the quality function of products. The products of this company currently include a variety of fittings from size 20 to 125 mm. The entire process of production, assembly and delivery of goods equipped with quality control system And employing experienced personnel for the mentioned processes is always one of the goals of this production group. The management and supervising production engineers of Polymehr Etesal Sepahan Company are constantly trying to use the best and most quality materials available in the domestic and foreign markets to produce the products of this company, along with the use of the most advanced machinery and equipment.These efforts have led to Sepahan Polymehr Etesal being awarded the Golden Medal of Customer Respect and Competitiveness on a global scale by the Iran Chamber of Commerce.

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Manufacturer of polyethylene fittings (irrigation, pressurized, drip, etc.), design and manufacture of molds and polyethylene products tailored to customer needs, as well as accepting the design and implementation of irrigation projects with the best quality.

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